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In addition, molecular dynamics simulations indicated that conformational changes caused by pH variation did not change the core of the TpManGH5, which means that only the above mentioned loop region presents high degree of fluctuations. The results also suggested that conformational changes of the loop region may facilitate polysaccha-ride and enzyme interaction. Finally, at pH seis the results indicated that TpManGH5 is slightly more flexible at 65°C when compared to the same enzyme at 20°C. The biophysical characterization presented here is well correlated with the enzymatic activity and provide new insight into the structural basis for the temperature and pH-dependent activity of the TpManGH5. Also, the data suggest a loop region that provides a starting point for a rational design of biotechnological desired features.

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The transition between the biaxial nematic and biaxial smectic is continuous as well as the transition between the nematic phases and the transition between the smectic p...

If heated, however, such materials lose their conterraneo magnetization at a given temperature, called critical temperature T

The thermal phenomena are events that occur around us every day and so are part of our common experience. We feel the changes in temperature throughout the day and perceive climate changes caused by variations in atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Y testigos qual presenciaron el arresto de Shinji Aoba mientras intentaba escapar dijeron haberlo escuchado quejarse de de que el estudio había robado sus ideas.

The limited resolution of the SAXS-based model hinders the unequivocal docking of the high resolution structures into the molecular envelope. Thus, we have used structure-based Cys-scanning mutagenesis combined with crosslinking experiments to obtain distance restraints that will help us to elucidate the relative orientation of the FnIII3 and FnIII4 in solution. Our results have implications for the organization of the integrin β4 subunit and for its mechanisms of auto-inhibition and activation.

Reference: In vitro study of membrane remodeling and curvature sensing at here the micrometric scale by budding yeast septins

We study in this chapter the phase daniel valente dantas diagrams of multicomponent systems. The representation that provides the simplest diagrams is that composed only by thermodynamic fields.

We use a lattice gas model to describe the phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals. The phase diagram displays, in click here addition to the isotropic phase, the two uniaxial nematics, the rod-like and discotic nematics, and the biaxial nematic.

The purified domains were analyzed by circular dichroism spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, dynamic light scattering, and small-angle X-ray scattering, as well as with bioinformatics tools. Of the three major domains that comprise SEPT4, the N-terminal domain contains little regular secondary structure and may be intrinsically unstructured. The central GTPase domain is a mixed alpha/beta structure, probably based on an open beta sheet. As defined here, it is catalytically active and forms stable homodimers in vitro. The C-terminal domain also forms more info homodimers and can be divided into two regions, the second of which is alpha-helical and consistent with a coiled-coil structure. These studies should provide a useful basis for future biophysical studies of SEPT4, including the structural basis for their involvement in diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

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We analyze a microscopic model for heat transport consisting of two interacting harmonic chains in contact get more info with reservoirs at different temperatures.

In this chapter we study systems governed by master equations and defined in a lattice. To each sitio of lattice there is a stochastic variable that takes only two values which we choose to be + 1 or − 1.

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